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About Us

Company’s philosophy

  • Complete devotion to the business of the supplier with a strict following the requirements and achieving the joint targets
  • Business with a better attitude and a level of service higher than a customer expects
  • Leadership in terms of business innovations and methods to be ahead of competition
  • Ethical, no-discrimination work environment to promote diversity, freedom of expression, and human rights. For example, among six principle companies of the Group, three are managed by women.
  • Delivery of the financially sound results for health business development and profits

Aricol – history of success

  • Company was founded in 1992 (under Ariel name) in Odessa, a major Ukrainian commercial and financial center. At the beginning the Company was a small shop of imported products, which has grown to the first modern trade store (i.e. ‘supermarket’) in the region.
  • In 1995, Company entered the cosmetics business after receiving the offer from Colgate-Palmolive to become their exclusive importer in Ukraine.
  • Following fast growth of the business, Owners decided to split activities to different legal entities, thus forming Aricol (1996) – dedicated to cosmetics and FMCG business.
  • In 1996-1998 Aricol started working with Kimberly-Clark and Coty. From that time Company has been developing its experience in cosmetics business.
  • Since 2000, Aricol has entered the distribution of Pet and Vet goods, becoming an exclusive distributor of such well known brands as Sera, Hill’s, Fresh Step, Ever Clean, Kong, Vetexpert, Idexx, Dermascent, and others. This business is done through 100% owned company – Barbus Ltd.
  • In 2005 Aricol created Valar-Sky Company, a joint entity with a leading Russian distributor of the selective cosmetics brands, adding such brands as Shiseido, La Prairie, Cartier Perfumes, Carita and getting an access to Russian, Moldovan, Georgian, and Azerbaijan markets.
  • In 2006 the logistics operation of the group was formed in a separate company, 3PL service provider “Garant Logistic” (serving such companies as Estee Lauder, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Socar Energy etc).
  • Since 2013, Aricol has made investments in Caspian region (Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakstan), where was created an integrated Company Adart (distribution of professional haircare and salon products) and Advent Distribution (Away-from-Home and Manual Tools distribution).

Aricol — logistics service

  • The total area of the warehouses of Aricol group – more than 12 thousand sq.m, of which the central warehouses in Odesa (4.2 thousand sq.m) and in Kyiv (2.6 thousand sq.m). There are several warehouses in Mikolayv, Kherson, Pervomaisk, Izmail, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv and Lviv. In July 2017, the Company entered Vinnitsa region.
  • Company owns 28 trucks and 14 pickup trucks, garage. International deliveries are carried out through the well established freight forwarders such as SC Spaarmann, LÜDERS & STANGE (MarcoPolo Lines) and Formag.
  • The computer system is built with the licensed products and multiple transaction servers, working with Windows 2016 Servers, Microsoft Exchange Servers and Microsoft Azure. There is a server virtualization technology and a system of duplication of important information. All offices are connected into a single WAN network using VPN.
  • Operations are supported by «1C: Enterprise» ERP, which is heavily customized by the own IT department (4 software engineers). The retail operation utilize the same ERP with a special configuration for the needs of a retail.
  • Marketing operations utilize the Microsoft Dynamics CRM via Office 365 subscription services.
  • The forecasting model is built on the MARS-IV algorithms.

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