B.Arnautskaya str.17, Odessa, 65048, Ukraine

Frecken Bock


Freken Bock is a brand that has won national recognition and number of awards of the highest category in prestigious competitions, including international ones. It represents a reliable philosophy of housekeeping.

There are a list of quality and innovative products that allow you to cope with domestic work quickly and effectively, to manage timeĀ  and use it for new opportunities.

We can offer the best products for housekeeping that will satisfy all requests of consumers:

Accessories for cooking help housewives prepare tasty and healthy food:
foil for packing and storing food products; sleeve for baking; film for food packaging; parchment for baking; packages for sandwiches and ice, etc.

Kitchen sponges, packages for garbage, gloves, napkins for cleaning from microfiber, natural cellulose, viscose cloth – will guarantee the beauty, comfort and hygiene of the house.

Bath sponges – will help to maintain the beauty and health of your body.

With such assistant, there is always time for yourself!

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