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A brand, developed by Aricol Group for the price-sensitive clients.


Cleaners of trade mark PRO3 will help to remove pollution from any surfaces. The company “Aricol” offers cleaning products PRO3 various spectrum as for daily cleaning, for the food industry, mixtures for hotels, offices and other public facilities. Buy PRO3 – buy purity!


Paper products PRO3 are good price and quality products. For the production of sanitary-hygienic paper PRO3, it’s selected only the best manufacturers who are able to provide any volumes and most important quality products at an affordable price. Each batch of products is checked for compliance with their characteristics. As a result, the paper towels, napkins and toilet paper are made from 100% cellulose and always available for purchace. The assortment of paper products is quite compact, but at the same time, it satisfies any client’s requirement. Do you want a single layer? Multilayered? Folded? In a roll? Paper products PRO3 combine the most popular technological solutions for the production of sanitary paper.


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