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REXALINE retains the water that retains youth!

A youthful skin is a skin full of water. It’s what gives it a plump and velvety aspect. But from the age of 20 years, the skin begins to lose inexorably of its water supply. This phenomenon is known under the scientific name of I.L.W. (Insensible Loss in Water). While aging, this lack of hydration is responsible for the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, for the loss of firmness, for the facial contours sagging.

Naturally present in the skin, able of retaining up to 1,000 times its own weight in water, Hyaluronic Acid is an essential agent of the skin hydration.

First, it was only used through injections in the skin to fill in the wrinkles. Then, the scientists in our laboratory AG Labs started working on a technology allowing to incorporate Hyaluronic Acid into skin care products to compensate for the insensible loss of water.


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It’s from this principle that was born in 2008 the Rexaline brand and its star product Hydra-Dose, thanks to its exclusive Complex formulated with a Hyaluronic Acid duo for a double effect:  immediate on the skin surface for a plumping action, and in the long term a long-lasting hydrating action on the deeper layers.

Guarantee of hyper-hydration and thus of YOUTH the Rexaline Complex is present in ALL the products of the brand which expanded to other skincare answering more specific problems: dark circles and puffiness, radiance, volume…

2012: The Rexaline range is reformulated with 5x more fragmented Hyaluronic Acid (versus original complex), for better penetration in de deep layers of the epidermis.

2014: Designed for mature skin, the Rexaline Line Killer range completes the anti-aging action by targeting installed wrinkles through an innovative technology inspired by medical research. In this range the Rexaline Complex is reinforced by the exclusive DWK Complex.

2016: NEW CHALLENGE! New research conducted the scientists to target the middle layers of the epidermis until then neglected. They obtained exceptional results by introducing into the formula two vegetal extracts with a remarkable hydrating power: The Desert Rose and the Red Algae. So, Rexaline new generation benefits from an extraordinary synergy for a 3D action on all the layers of the skin.

Rexaline - hydration - Line Killer - cosmetic - Linekiller

Rexaline - Hydra 3D - Cosmetic - Specialist Hydration

The exceptional results that make the success of the Rexaline brand are confirmed by the tests conducted on all its finished products by the Independant AMA laboratories.

2017: Rexaline offer a new range dedicated to sensitive skin, Rexaline DERMA. Benefiting from the anti-aging expertise of Rexaline, it combines proven beauty results with comfort.

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