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S.O.S Soap Pad

S.O.S® Steel Wool Soap Pads

There’s a reason that S.O.S reusable soap-filled steel wool pads have been the #1 selling soap pad for 100 years. Made with durable steel wool and saturated with long-lasting soap, S.O.S pads are powerful and versatile enough to tackle an incredible variety of cleaning projects both indoors and out:

  • Power through grease and crusty, baked-on food on pots, pans and casserole dishes
  • Degrease your oven and range hood
  • Eliminate coffee and tea stains from mugs and carafes
  • Clean glassware, refrigerator shelves, microwave trays, sticky labels, garbage can lids and more
  • Say goodbye to soap scum and hard water stains on bathroom tiles, shower doors and ceramic sinks and bathtubs
  • Keep grill grates clean to avoid compromising flavor
  • Scrub patio furniture, garden tools, golf clubs, muddy cleats, chrome bumpers, wiper blades, tires and more

Who knew the best tool for scrubbing pots and pans is also the perfect solution for quick clean-up jobs around the house? From sticky spills in the kitchen to grimy build-up in the bathroom – just grab a pad, get it wet and scrub. S.O.S Pads are quite possibly the best-kept secret in cleaning.

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