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We Are Delighted to Present to You the New Brand in Our Line – VITACREME B12

VITACREME B12 was the first cosmetic cream containing Vitamin B12 on the market.
The basic ingredient, guiding of all VITACREME B12 products, is the vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin). Depending on the product and its application, other valuable active ingredients enriched the formulations for an improved efficiency.
The formulations comply with the international legislation and cosmetic directives. The finished products are tested and under permanent supervision of the Swiss Vitamin Institute.


Principal actions of VITACREME B12

– Anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing. Helps to prevent premature wrinkles, diminishes age lines and reduces existing wrinkles.
– Hydrates and Softens skin tissues after exposure to sun, cold and wind.
– Stimulates renewal of skin cells.
– Revitalizes skin texture and gives new radiance.
– Regains and Improves elasticity and firmness.
– Relieves and Soothes chapped skin.
– In case of burns or after a prolonged exposure to the sun, relieves the burning’s sensation and accelerates the normalisation of the skin.
– Smoothes or Attenuates new or old scars.



An exceptional 24 hours care for all types of skin, especially for dry and very dry, tired and dehydrated skins, to prevent effectively the premature ageing signs, the loss of cutaneous elasticity and suppleness. Its rich and generous texture re-plumps the skin, moisturizes the top layers of the epidermis and nourishes by bringing the emollients and lipids necessary to its vitality. Regenerates and soothes damaged and stressed skins. After a prolonged exposure to the sun, relieves the burning’s sensation and accelerates the normalisation of the skin. The skin recovers a distinctive comfort and softness, and a unique radiance.



Our special care is enriched with UVA and UVB filters to protect your skin from sun damages. Its unique formulation promotes a progressive lightening of the skin, without irritating. It tones down the pigmentation spots and prevents their development, evens the complexion and gives the skin a new luminosity and radiance. The skin will be visibly more radiant, the complexion more uniform an clear.



A cocktail of extra concentrated active agents to efficiently fight against wrinkles and fine lines. It contains valuable vitamins specially selected for their reparative and regenerative properties. It is intended for local use, particularly for the treatment of “crow’s feet” and facial expression wrinkles. Its effect is clearly visible from the first application, the skin is renewed and softer and the complexion is more radiant. It is the perfect addition to the Regenerative Cream. Suitable for all types of skin, particularly for mature and devitalized ones.


BODY MILK 200 ml

This essential care for the body stimulates the renewal of the tissue’s metabolism and restitutes firmness to the supporting cutaneous structures, thanks to its tensing effect conferred by the firming, toning and energizing agents. It nourishes , improves the skin’s suppleness and elasticity, favours the restructuration of the epidermis, prevents effectively the tissue slackening and ensures an optimal hydration. The constant and regular use of this care preserves the skin’s youth and sweetness.



Moisturizes and protects. This non greasy balm is an intense care which protects and soothes the fragile and sensitive areas of the eyes and lips. Allying the benefits of antioxidant vitamins to UV filters, it avoids the dehydration and prevents the premature skin ageing. Formulated from natural beeswax and enriched with precious vegetable extracts of shea-tree, glycerin and squalane, it is the ideal care to regain a soft and satiny skin and naturally smooth and soft lips. Extracts of centella asiatica, combined with collagen activating peptides, also allow an optimal rejuvenating and anti-wrinkle effect.



Anti-ageing, antioxidant, ultra moisturizing and waterproof, this innovative Day Cream is formulated with an ideal combination of vitamins (B5, C, E and B12 « cyanocobalamin ») and UVA-UVB solar filters. This unique combination of active ingredients keeps the skin well moisturized and protects it against the harmful effects of the sun. Thanks to the antioxidant action of the vitamin E, this beauty cream helps to prevent premature skin ageing and wrinkles formation caused by sunbeams. Ideal for everyday use, it also protects the skin from external agressions such as pollution. It’s soothing and nourishing properties helps the skin to recover its firmness, softness and elasticity.

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